International company NovuMedical is an Association of Japanese and Korean researchers, medical scientists, developers and manufacturers of at-home health devices.

NovuMedical was created on November 1, 2013, and from the first years of active work, it has acquired thousands of like-minded people for a healthy and happy life around the world.

In NovuMedical showrooms, specialists teach how to independently impact the state of the blood, nervous system, immunity, and daily take care of their health through NovuMedical technologies  by System 5/95.

NovuMedical implements a unique combination of the latest Japanese technologies in the field of physiotherapy and the ancient knowledge of oriental medicine.


NovuMedical, in conjunction with the Japanese Research Center for Health and Longevity, located in Okinawa, based on 50 years of research, recommends the 5/95 program to all inhabitants of the Earth.

Japanese experts strongly recommend investing 5% of your time daily, which is only 1 hour a day, for at-home health care, so that during the remaining 95% of the time you are energetic,  not sick and not aging.

With System 5/95 it’s real:

  • keep youth
  • prolong life
  • say goodbye to chronic diseases
  • prevent the development of new diseases
  • start your body on the road to recovery


  • Everyone on Earth can be healthy and live happily ever after.
  • A culture of healthy sleep, daily eye, spine and foot care, and drinking the “right” water will keep you healthy, young and beautiful for years to come.
  • Forget about problems and diseases – these are just symptoms of a wrong view of how the body works and life in general. The secret lies in the knowledge and actions to properly use the resources of your body and adopt new healthy habits.


To convey to each person the need and opportunity for daily care of their health through NovuMedical technologies using System 5/95!


Our world famous author’s developments of massage and heating devices for home recovery have no analogues in the world, they are backed up by science, the wisdom of generations, the power of nature and nanotechnology.


More than 60 showrooms in 6 countries of the world: USA, Japan, Poland, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan